Thursday, May 12, 2005


Ask Marissa (BETA)

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Mommy said to me last night, as we shared a box of cheese triangles and a bottle of Absinthe, that ordinary people must want to ask people like me lots of questions. I have noticed some people have been asking me things in the comments here already.

Thanks Mommy, that's a great idea - so I ran it past Larry and he said yes - which means everyone can now 'Ask Marissa (Beta)' (TM) I'm not sure I really like the logo but Dylan from Logo Design says it's perfect.

If you have a question for me please ask it in the comments for this post. I'll try and answer the good questions, if I don't answer yours though please don't keep on about it - take the hint and quietly go away - it's quite tiring ignoring people for a long time.

Ok, my question: "How come you want all the web to put graphical banners on their sites but you do not have them on ? I am referring to the new graphical xsense that you just launched."
Are you in a relationship right now ? I love the color of your eyes and I want to marry you and make babies with you (also the money you got is not bad :) ).
Why all the mommy references ? do you really still live with your mommy ?
When I make a custom site search on my site using your service, why do you show 4 ads above the web results while on you only show 2 ads above the web results ? do you just want my site to offer a bad user experience ?
Question: I use your site search product to offer web search to my visitors, and you give me a rev share on each search PV I generate, however its only 15% of what you make per search, why is that ?
When are you going to offer Viagra, Mesothelioma and Weewee Enlargement on Company X Store? I mean, seeing that you're spamming all web sites with your Blue Streakers now, it would only make sense, wouldn't it?
Dylan is right
I've read about some of ur plans for but I didn't read anything about some much-sought-after features such as trackback (not counting haloscan) and categories. Does it mean that these features are taking a backseat / not on the cards for now / in the works and soon to be sprung upon the world?
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