Thursday, May 12, 2005


Blue Streakers and Autolink out of Beta (BETA)

So there I was just cutting a bit of gorgonzola on the cheeseboard last night (Mommy does a delicious beef stew and I always like a bit of gorgonzola to finish it off). Then an idea hit me! It was all those little blue streaks in the cheese. The answer to our autolink problems!

You see, blue is such a calming color and webmasters are so stressed out. I bet if we changed the background color of our autolinks then the blue streaks all over their pages would both differentiate themselves on the page and calm webmasters all at the same time! Who wouldn't want calming blue streaks automatically inserted into their pages?

So I called technical and before you know it we'd implemented it, added a few more options into the sources box (such as froogle!) and put an annoying "please wait" message in when you click the autolink button - it's a user experience thing. No really, trust me, I know about user experience - you see if the please wait message wasn't there then people might not know what to do in that half a second, they could get bored, start twiddling their thumbs and pondering whether everything really is the webmaster's fault. Trust me, mommy said so.

Anyway, it's out of beta now and those webmaster thingies will be too calmed by the blue or too over-awed by our "improvements" to complain. Yahoo!..Ooops, I'm not allowed to say that...Jolly good show Company X.

If Mommy said so that's good enough for anyone
If we get tired of all these pastels and stuff that you are adding is there another internet that we can use?
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