Monday, May 16, 2005


More Ask Marissa. (BETA)

"If we get tired of all these pastels and stuff that you are adding is there another internet that we can use?"

What a very strange question. Why would you want another internet? Our internet, besides being delightfully pastel, is in the process of being pre-filtered to remove all nasty, icky, worthless and inappropriate sites. Plus it has blue streaks.

If you really want another internet you can try and do that thing where you just type the name of the site you want to visit into the box at the very very top of your screen. It doesn't work very well though. Best use ours.

Company X - Just Do It!

marissa by reading some of ur posts, i think u want to revolutionize something which is somehow related to the internet ?

even ur qoute says that, btw... u were extreemly shiny in 60 minutes ! cheers.
dude, um this site's just a joke. you should buy a clue.

weird, tho. why is someone making fun of a Google person that almost no one would heard of? i don't get it.
When you eat cookies (with Irish Cream rather than just milk, is my guess), do you discombobulate your uber-profile?
that anonymous dude just can't get it, if it's a joke then should it be nothing ? buy my clue pack !
Oh yeh, and this blog's a parody of me!

Oh yeah, ... ?
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* Unreal, pretend, not true. Marissa, or indeed any Marissa, did not write this. This is a joke, a subtle dig at a company similar to CompanyX.