Monday, May 09, 2005


Welcome (BETA)

Welcome to my blog, I started this blog because my company...let's call them company X...have been getting a lot of grief lately about some of our beta products. My mommy said I should put our case, so this is my chance.

So there I was on tuesday, eating a bagel (with creamy philadelphia lite) for breakfast and wondering how I was ever going to get people to view this blog. It's all very good mommy saying I should make one but the web doesn't just keel over and shout oooh every time you blow your nose. Not unless you work for... Ah. So there I was on tuesday, eating a bagel and thinking about how I was going to get people to view this blog without too many reading it at once. Gmail and Orkut came to mind. No, not because they're also terminally slow but because of the invitation system.

Obviously this blog is just BETA and Bob down in software engineering hasn't had time to create the little "tell 50 friends" box (he said something about using his twenty per cent time to buy his wife's birthday present). So just assume it's there. If you could kindly tell 50 friends by email, telephone, or by googling them (Marissa (BETA) cannot accept any responsibility for any misinterpretations that could occur during the reading of this blog) and using any contact information that comes up then that'd be great. We'll give you another 50 invites tomorrow.

Webmasters, if at the same time you could just insert links into your web pages then that would help our system work much better. We all know that if this blog isn't successful it isn't down to me, it's because enough webmaster's haven't done what I just told them to.

I see. Beta? Company x? Interesting.
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* Unreal, pretend, not true. Marissa, or indeed any Marissa, did not write this. This is a joke, a subtle dig at a company similar to CompanyX.