Monday, June 13, 2005


Cheese Day (BETA)

So there I was at lunch time unwrapping a picture perfect mini-babybel whilst chatting to mommy and poppy on the phone. Now if you've seen the adverts you'll know that these cheeky little cheeses have a habit of running away. Well, Mommy made me snigger when she told me about how, last night, Poppy had said Sergey was evil. What should happen when I sniggered but it slipped out of my hand and out of the office window.

Obviously I would have chased after it, just like in the adverts, but we've employed a worldwide team of students to do stuff like that for us. I, personally, was allocated 25 students that I keep in a cupboard in the corner of my office just for situations like this.

Cheese falling out of window

So I jogged over to the corner cupboard (I've got this down to 20 minutes now) and let them out. They chased it all around the CompanyXplex. One of the really tall ones nearly got it but was distracted by the other student "Praying to the mighty cheese" (a perfectly understandable thing to do).


Luckily some guy caught it in the end or I'd have to have faced a whole day without cheese.

My hero. I spoke to Larry, Sergey, and Eric and we all agreed that today onwards should be known as Cheese Day.


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