Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Give Peace a chance (BETA)

When I arrived at work today I found a memo from Eric asking me to change my name to Yoko and could I please arrange for a bed, a couple of pairs of pyjamas and a pack of photographers to be in reception at 3.

At first I thought he'd been at the herbal tea again - ever since those WA Speed issues he's been drinking this incredibly smelly stuff "for his nerves" and it does seem to be calming him right down. He says the guy from Acoona told him it was OK as long as he doesn't inhale.

Then Sergey popped his head around the door and told me that Erics interview on Friday with PBS seems to have effected him quite strangely - they put him in the Green Room with a load of hippies beforehand and next thing you know he's on TV saying things like "Everybody searching CompanyX should only have to get one answer and that answer should always be right", "There is no better calling in life" and "Search is a force for peace and a better world"

I was just trying to think up a way to divert him from this press conference idea when he wandered into my office wearing a pair of little glasses and a flowery shirt and started humming something like

Now it begins-let it begin
Cleanup time
(Show those mother how to do it )

Which didn't sound very peaceful to me. Then he passed out on a beanbag. Mommy says it's best to let him sleep it off and he'll be fine - she says daddy did something like this once when he overdosed on stilton and he was fine after a good sleep.

I do wish he was wearing some pants with those glasses and that shirt though. Terribly distracting.

Peace should be ad free and unbiased.
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