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A guide to creating good web pages - part 1 (BETA)

A guide to creating good web pages
an occasional series by Marissa (Beta)

Part 1 - Choosing your Subject

When choosing the subject of your website it's very important to consider the following points;

Am I interested in and knowledgeable about the subject?
What do I aim to achieve with this website (income, fame, infamy, world domination?)
How much time will I need to dedicate to the site?
How can I partner with CompanyX for mutual benefit?

Case Study;

Mommy and I wanted to setup a small website selling a product so we would have extra spending money when we go to the Cheesefest this year. We had to think what type of website we could make and how we would make money from it.

We thought about our hobbies and decided that it might be nice to do a website about nuclear physics, then daddy pointed out that it wasn't a very popular subject and was hard to sell, so we thought again. Eventually mommy suggested a website about cheese. Brilliant!.

We decided to create a website to achieve world cheese domination. Again daddy suggested we lower our sights a little (he's such a spoilsport) so we decided to create a website to earn money which we would do by providing interesting and detailed information about various cheeses and showing targeted ads to help the user at the side of the site.

Then daddy pointed out that I work full time and mommy has a stressful job in the canteen where she has to hand seperate the sprouted and unsprouted mung beans. He suggested that interesting and detailed information might not be such a good thing to have on a website and that perhaps we should just get one of those auto-generation programmes, that way we wouldn't have to spend so much time and also (this bit is the real bonus) the users spend more time looking at the interesting adverts and less time at pointless content. Daddy also suggested that for the remaining pointles content we may be able to find some software that would add links for a charitable cause to our text. Great idea daddy!

So that was it, we had our plan, the site would be a perfect information centre for people looking for adverts, I mean information, about all sorts of cheese, and would perfectly meet CompanyX's gullability, damn, usability, guidelines for users.

Next time I'll tell you how we set about Designing our Website to meet CompanyX's guidelines.

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