Thursday, June 16, 2005


A guide to creating good web pages - part 2 (BETA)

A guide to creating good web pages
an occasional series by Marissa (Beta)

Part 2 - Designing your Website

CompanyX advises that the best websites give the users what they want. Well clearly what the users want is free beer, three day weekends and a charge account at Sachs Fifth Avenue but I don't think that's exactly what they mean.

No, what CompanyX knows users want is clarity, relevancy and professionalism. There must be some type of acronym we could use to make that easier to remember?

Websites should have lots of white space and use attractive pastels. Logos should use bright primary colours and websites should never ever have a pale blue background. It should be clear to the user what the site is about and how they may best leave the site in the event of an emergency *here*, *here* and behind the links. Exits will be highlighted by means of a gentle blue glow.

However relevant a webmaster believes their site is it can almost certainly be improved. There are various tools and services currently available to help with this, such as XAds, AutoXLink, AddressLinkyX, VINLink(Beta), DeliveryTrack v.X and CheeseFinder. For all of these great services you need do nothing (although you may wish to include a note telling your clients how to install the necessary software) and there's ABSOLUTELY NO PAYMENT REQUIRED!. There's an added benefit here that your site design is enhanced by blue stripes which is both attractive and user friendly as it highlights the most useful links for the user.

Demonstrate your knowledge of the product, don't be afraid to compare your product/service with others in your field. If you believe that another site is abusing these quality guidelines, please report that site to the internet police, that's the professional thing to do.

Specific Design & Content Guidelines include:

Well that should give you all something to be working on while I'm in Washington. If you all impliment that the quality of the interweb will have risen no end by Monday morning.

At last. A guide to a better Interweb
>>Make sure that your TITLE and ALT tags are descriptive and accurate. We will then ignore them.

Do titles and alts belong in the same sentence?

If so, xcompany has gone off the deep end.

Being smart doesn't always mean having common sense.
Thank you!
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