Thursday, June 09, 2005


A month of blogging (BETA)

Today is one month since I started my blog. Wow I can't believe I've been thrilling you all with my insights for a whole month! Time has just flown by, and I've met a lot of new friends (well, someone called Anonymous) and been insulted by some very prestigious people. I have received fanmail and proposals of marriage and several gifts of cheese which have all been lovely. Thank you all so much.

Sadly CompanyX doesn't list me in their index yet whichever way I search. I wonder if I should make a sitemap for myself? I'll see if anyone can help me with that. It also doesn't show any sites which link to me when I use that special command thingy. I was quite worried about that but then I went and looked at CompanyY and they show lots of links to me and lots of people talking about me and even show my blog when I search for my real name, which is really clever, so I think perhaps CompanyX are planning a surprise party for me and will update all the info then. It must be that because otherwise that would mean our index wasn't working very well.

I'm going to go to pop down and see Manuel in hairdressing I think, just so I look shiny when they all jump out from wherever they're hiding. Oooh this is almost as exciting as when mommy took me to see her favourite band at the Mountain View Scout Hall a couple of years ago.

Anyhow - so much has happened in this month; all of the praise about the Blue Streakers thing - I was a bit worried people would just not notice that we'd launched that and let it go uncommented but apparantly people really did notice and said they'd be doing their best to make sure that it wasn't forgoten - people can be so sweet. Then there was the launch of Ask Marissa, Chef leaving, our shareholders meeting, that nice day with the reporter people who were all very enthusiastic, the custard cream update and all of our lovely innovations like ads in RSS feeds and CompanyX Earth, and WA and Fusion and Evaluation and World Peace and Dairylee vending machines. Phew - what a busy month it's been.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it. Most days. (sometimes it's a weeny bit tiring because although my life must seem very glamorous to everyone else I am really almost like a normal person who does things like go to meetings and write reports and stuff - it isn't all as exciting as opening the new on-site Cheese shop you know).

>>it's a weeny bit tiring
don't read it then?
According to The Register: "Cheese Eaters are Mutants." can't argue with science. :)
Chlorophyll more like bore-ophyll! No I will not make out with you! I came here to learn! Not to make out with you!

Love the site, if the talk ever comes back around to search I will be very disappointed in you.
searching for Marissa (BETA)on company X does show a lot of people talking about you Marissa, but not your page. Have you upset Larry ?
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