Monday, June 20, 2005


Never, never again. (BETA)

Well that was a terrible trip - and the client didn't sign up with us again either.

On Friday night we took the clients out like they wanted, and we managed to find the club - I honestly never knew places like that existed - but a man kept buying me and XWordsRep very expensive champagne. Anyway, we all got pretty drunk and then the man asked me to dance, but turns out he didn't mean a quick boogie to Abba.

I was obviously really offended and took a swing at him with the champagne bottle but he ducked and I accidentally knocked out the big cheese client.

Then of course the bouncers came over to ask us to leave which would have been the end of it but they caught XWordsRep stuffing a glitterball into her handbag, so the police got called and we ended up spending the night in jail. That's one user experience that could do with a lot of improving.

CompanyXGuy of course had dissapeared at the first sign of trouble so I had to contact Larry to come and bail us out, and he really wasn't pleased.

So now I have a meeting booked with Eric on Wednesday morning in the naughty room, and what I think is a hangover - I would look it up but I can't see the screen properly. Mommy says hair of the dog is what I need but to be honest I couldn't catch one to pluck it.

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