Tuesday, June 14, 2005


A possible rollback (BETA)

Well, everyone from tech is walking around looking very stressed out and not even my buying them a family bag of cheesy wotsits has cheered them up. Seems that all this update stuff they've been doing has gone a bit wrong and they're not sure whether to roll it back or let the webmaster thingies change what they do to make everything in the right order again.

I tend to favour the second option, it just makes the whole game more fun when we change stuff and then they have to change stuff to catch up and then we change more stuff again - it would be really boring if we just listed things in the proper order all the time and besides, like mommy says, if we didn't keep them all busy then what would they do all day? (We get them all their customers and handle all their advertising plus we're helping them make their websites better, we need to give them something to do)

But this time, according to Sergey, we've really really changed stuff and it's not working properly any more. He says that we had problems changing our servers to make our sites still be listed and we knew what we had to do. Larry told him not to be silly and people wouldn't really notice but Sergey says that people notice everything we do now and frankly he's sick of it.

I do love it when they fight - they're both so masterful. Anyhow Eric calmed them down and reminded them that we could compromise and quietly incorporate some of the webmasters suggestions as long as we didn't actually say we were. Since all they seem to be saying is 'it was better before' we might get a rollback anyway. Yummy. I hope it's a cheese salad one.

Perhaps that is why company x doesn't list your page Marissa. I bet you will be number 1 after the roll back
Dear Marissa (M.eta),

if there will be a rollback, will it be a rollback (Beta)?

And what happend to the penicillin?

Greetings Philipp
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