Friday, June 03, 2005


still Asking Marissa...... (BETA)

Anonymous said...

........ i mean waiting months on end and spending 1k's in advertising because the se's algo's suck and can't distiguish link farm material from true content.....
I reply: well, what do you think our business model is, exactly?

Anonymous said...

Hey Marisa, I asked before but didn't get a clear answer.. some your posts you refer to "mommy says.."

I have to ask... who's "Mommy" supposed to be?

I reply: Well look I did say if I ignore you then don't keep on and on about it - people do that all the time and sometimes we have to ignore them for ages which is really tiresome. I'll answer this once though - mommy is my mommy. If you look at any blog people mention their family and things they do and it's not in any way a tortuous link to a product advert so I thought that my blog should also have a nice personal touch. That cheese thing I just found btw. I didn't realise there was someone else working here had done the Great Wisconsin Cheese Tour. We must swap pictures.

Thanks for the answer Marissa! BTW, you have any pics? :D
Gosh, there actually is a CompanyX! I certainly hope they're enjoying all the stuff you are always saying about them.
I'm sure they're enjoying the publicity. They're probably about to learn how effective blog spamming can be as well.
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